The Secret to Beautiful Skin | Grand Junction Boudoir

The Secret to Beautiful Skin | Grand Junction Boudoir

One of my best physical attributes, in my opinion, is my skin.  It’s even toned, soft, smooth and young looking.  It’s also dry, thin and incredibly sensitive, so I have to work for that lovely skin.  But I have a secret weapon.

It’s not lotion, because I only wear lotion when I have to, like twice a month (mostly because I hate how long it takes to put on).  It’s not spa treatments (I grew up poor!), or expensive products.

The secret is homemade body scrubs.  I ALWAYS have a scrub on hand, and the recipe is always different, because there is no recipe.  It’s simple to make, and you probably have all of the ingredients in your cupboards already.  Mix and match, experiment!  You aren’t going to go wrong as long as you stick to these basics (stay away from spice, especially something like cinnamon/alspice, they can clog your pores and burn your skin).

Scrub base options:
White sugar
Turbinado sugar
Brown sugar
Table salt
Sea salt

Base (carrier) oil options:
Olive oil
Grapeseed oil
Coconut oil

Dry additive options:
Ground almonds
Dried lavender

Wet additive options:
Lemon juice
Peppermint Extract
Essential oils

Literally just stuff I have around the house.

Use one or a combination of the base scrub ingredients.  Brown sugar is going to give you a softer scrub, turbinado sugar or sea salt is going to give you a more coarse scrub.  If you haven’t used any scrubs before, try starting with white sugar.  Fill your container 3/4 full with your base scrub ingredient, then add a small amount (a tablespoon or two) of any dry additive.  Add a small amount (a tablespoon) of any wet additive you want.  I mix it up – sometimes I use one, sometimes I use none, sometimes I use them all!  Glycerine can be found at health food stores, and pulls moisture from the air and adds it to your skin.  Lotion helps add moisture and is one of my favorite things to add.  Try one that has little scent and is thick.  Honey improves circulation and is great if you have really dry skin, and it smells great.  If you add peppermint, add a few drops at a time until it smells the way you want it.  It is great for your skin and will help with circulation by bringing the blood up to the surface, but too much can upset your skin.

It turns out better if you have someone this cute to help you.

Add your base oil (I love a combination of liquid coconut oil and grapeseed oil) until about half of your base scrub (sugar or salt) is covered. Don’t fill all the way to the top, you want your dry ingredients to be barely wet, not dripping.  Mix it up with a spoon until it is all well combined.  You are wanting the consistency of wet sand.  If you add too much oil, don’t freak out, just pour some off.  The oil will settle out as your scrub sits, so you will always end up with a bit more oil in there after a few days.  That’s it!  You can add essential oils to make it smell great (and add the benefit of different oils like lavender or eucalyptus) or you can use it right away.

This shows how much oil I used (about 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, then melted), and the final product.

For my scrub I used white sugar, about a teaspoon of glycerine, a couple tablespoons of honey, about 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (I just scooped some out then melted it), 1/2 teaspoon of mint extract, and a few pumps of St. Ives oatmeal and shea butter lotion.  This is one of my favorite blends, it smells amazing and leaves my skin super soft and smooth.

Stick some next to the sink for when you wash your hands, or in the shower for an all-over body scrub.  I use mine weekly, or more in the dry months.  If you are prone to breaking out, use less oil and only use the scrub when your skin is feeling dry or bumpy.  Depending on the combinations you put together, you can use this scrub on dry and cracked lips, but I wouldn’t recommend it on the rest of your face).

To use: rub it over wet skin.  Rub as hard as you want until the scrub dissolves, then rinse.  I use mine in the shower, after I wash, because I want the oils to stay on my skin.

I would love to hear what your favorite combination is, or how scrubs make your skin feel and look.  Also, these make great gifts!


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