How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes – Grand Junction Boudoir

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes – Grand Junction Boudoir

I have learned so much over the last year while working with Marielle.  I have started wearing more makeup, applying it better, using better brushes, and experimenting more.  Now that I know what I am doing (well, sort of), I feel more confident, which is amazing.

But enough about all that – there is more to it than just putting it on!  Maintaining your makeup, keeping it current (as in not using that eyeshadow you bought in high school!), and keeping it all clean and sanitary.  I have been using ELF’s daily brush cleaner (not daily, I have a life guys) but Marielle recommended a full cleaning once a month.

She recommends using 1/4 cup vinegar, a squirt of Dawn dish soap, and 3/4 cup hot water.  Swirl the brush in the mixture, then gently rub the hairs.  Rinse, squeeze dry from the base to the tip, rearrange the bristles and lay flat to dry.

If you are more interested in buying your brush shampoo, I recommend the ELF brush shampoo.  I was totally blown away by how dirty my brushes were!  Monthly cleanings will help insure that your brushes stay healthy and strong, carry less bacteria, and apply a truer color to your face.

If you aren’t using brushes, you are totally missing out.  It’s the BEST.  Here is a link to the set I use:

If you have questions, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll pass it on to Marielle!

And if you are ready for the star treatment, and to see her in action, book your boudoir or beauty session now – collections start at $350.

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