The C Family | Grand Junction Photography

The C Family | Grand Junction Photography

Amy and I are in a local mom’s club together, so I have known her family for a while.  I was honored when she asked me to take her family photos, but I was psyched when she told me we could do them on their property!  They live outside of Fruita with their own horse, and split-rail fences, and pastures, and the whole deal.  Amazing.

On a side note, you might remember that I’m not a big horse fan.  Like at all.  But these horses didn’t make me want to die, they let me pet them and were incredibly tender and gentle with me (and I’m 100% sure they could sense my discomfort) and the entire family.  I was able to keep it under control fairly well….except for that one outburst when I got a wee bit scared.  🙂

Anyways, here they are, Nick, Amy, Lucas and Clayton.  Enjoy!

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