Katie | 1-year Cake Smash | Grand Junction Photographer

Katie | 1-year Cake Smash | Grand Junction Photographer

Is there anything cooler than a mom that is not only willing to let their baby cover themselves in cake, but then get in a stream full clothed?  No, there isn’t.  There just isn’t.  This is Katie, a one-year-old ball of energy with more expressions than I have seen in a long time.  She seamlessly goes from excited to confused to inquisitive to annoyed to skeptical to pleased, all in a matter of seconds.  And she doesn’t cry – she covers her ears.  I could get used to a baby like that!

She had a great time smashing the cake, eating as much as she possibly could, then rinsing off and splashing in the stream.  The only time I saw her get upset was when she had to actually get out of the water – and that water was cold!

I hope you enjoy!

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