My Adventures in Glamour | Denver Glamour Photography

My Adventures in Glamour | Denver Glamour Photography

After many many many requests, and at the insistence of my mentor and friend Don Hales, I have decided that in addition to dudoir and #menbyjen photography, I will also be offering sexy glamour photography to the Denver area. This will be a lot less boudoir, and a lot more glamorous, highly sexy images like you might see in magazines.

Why? Because there is a major market for it! I definitely have a lot of competition for Denver glamour and there are some really fantastic photographers shooting sexy images regularly. But not a single one of them is a woman. Since I am a woman, shooting fellow ladies comes really naturally to me, but I also approach it differently. My glamour images are typically softer and more sensual than my male counterparts are, and I pose, light, and direct differently as well. I think this largely comes down to the fact, honestly, that while I love the female form, I’m not attracted to them. So I view them differently, more as an artistic version of what the female form can be, and less of blatant sexuality.

I love female empowerment. I always adore when women take control of their sexuality, and are proud of their beauty! And that is the message I hope to convey with my images. That a sexy woman is more than her curves, she is more than her face. She is her mind, she is her desires, and she is her strength.

Stay tuned for a lot more gorgeous people to start popping up around the site, and be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Google+ to see new work, and behind the scenes nonsense. I can’t wait to show you what I have up my sleeve!

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