May’s Boudoir Marathon…and a promise from me.

May’s Boudoir Marathon…and a promise from me.

I have finally wrapped my mind around a few things.

This year I have learned the hard way that life is fragile and short, and it shouldn’t be spent trudging through.  Which forced me to re-evaluate how I work.  I love photography.  In a major way.  But I don’t always love what I have been shooting.  So I am branching out.  And focusing.  What I love, and what I want to do, is intimate portraiture.  Boudoirs, couples, men, women, all of it.

My goal with boudoir photography is to have every person leaving feeling sexy, empowered, beautiful, and full of life.  I’m a mom of three little ones, I know how infrequently I get the chance to feel to that way.

So here goes:

By booking out a marathon day I am able to pass the savings on to you!  For now I will just be offering the session – in the future I will add on a hair and makeup artist, and incorporate that into the price.

And now for my promise:  I will be *gulp* wearing lingerie, too.  I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, so we will dive into it together.  Which means I better cut back on the brownies.

Spaces are limited, and they are already booking fast.  To book your session, click HERE to pay the $50 deposit, and I will contact you within a few days to set up your time slot, and discuss outfit/hair/makeup options.

I am very excited about this adventure, and I hope you are too!

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