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black and white photo of hot guy in bed

Personal Style | Denver Dudoir

The last few months have been quite the whirlwind for me. Moving to a new city, starting over with not only a new market but an entire new niche of photography, and all the challenges that come from working from home during summer (kids and kids and more kids!) have prompted me to take a step back and take it easy for the summer months. Starting in a week all of my kids will be in school full time, so I have been cherishing the time I have with them. Them all being in school full time will be a first for me, a first in 8 years, actually! I plan to use my new free time to completely conquer the world. Or, you know, Denver.

I have gotten the chance to shoot some Denver Dudoir this summer, though, with much more on the schedule for the next few months. This is Justin, a first-time model who absolutely dominated his session. There isn’t much that is sexier than a guy with personality, and he certainly had that, but even more so, he brought a ton of personal style. I always encourage all of my clients to bring whatever they feel sexy in – sometimes that is well fitted pair of jeans, sometimes that is a suit, and sometimes that is nothing but a pair of tiny briefs. I love that Justin brought a pair of sweatpants, they perfectly complimented his laid back gamer attitude, and looked super sexy hanging from his hips.

If you are interested in showing off your physique, your sexy side, your personality, or all of the above, I have openings in September throughout Colorado. I can’t wait to meet you.
sexy gamer with mountain de

beach guy withe red sunglasses

shirtless man in bed wearing sweatpants

sexy man in bed in boxers

black and white photo of hot guy in bed

hot denver guy laying in bed in sweat pants

sexy man no shirt standing in sweat pants

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photo of hot man no shirt in jeans with abs

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