Feature Friday – His & Hers Albums – Grand Junction Boudoir

Feature Friday – His & Hers Albums – Grand Junction Boudoir

As your girlfriends squeal with excitement, you head into the bedroom to retrieve it.  They have been begging you for weeks to show it off, but something held you back.  You love it, and are proud of it, but do you want to share it with anyone else?  It was a gift.  For HIM.  Not them, for his eyes only.  His album of your recent boudoir images is filled with the racy stuff that he chose as his favorites.  Lots of implied nudes, bare backs, booty pops and even some full nudes.  They are beautiful, and you look amazing, but they are very intimate, and they were intended for him, no matter how bad you want to show them off.

But boudoir isn’t only for him.  It’s for you, too.  The new confidence that you experience, the way you look at yourself for the first time in years, the rocking buns that you have worked so hard on are finally highlighted in a classy way, and it KILLS to not be able to show them to anyone.  You don’t only look sexy, you look gorgeous and youthful and exuberant.  And those feelings need to be shared!

Introducing the His & Hers Albums – an album set that is specifically created for this problem.  His album is slightly larger, an 8×8 leather bound album with 20 images over 10 custom designed spreads.  Hers is smaller, a 6×6 leather bound album with 10 images over 5 custom designed spreads.  Each can house a different set of images and a different leather color option, from black, gray, turquoise, brown, pink or red.

His & Hers Album sets starting at $625.

For more information, or to book your own consultation or Grand Junction Boudoir experience, call me today!  970.261.3545

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