Steamy Shower Petite Sessions – Grand Junction Boudoir

Steamy Shower Petite Sessions – Grand Junction Boudoir

Close your eyes and imagine yourself alone, surrounded by the soft scent of jasmine, with steam filling the room around you.  Water droplets slowly slide their way down the small of your back as you lean against the wall, soak in the heat, and feel the cool tiles against your skin.  Your fingers run through your wet hair, and you are suddenly aware of every curve, of every long line, and every smooth bit of your body.  He walks in and catches a peek through the shower curtain, partially obscured by the hot fog, just enough to get his imagination running.  He smells the jasmine.  He feels the steam.  And he gets lost in desire imagining you lathering up from head to toe.

You can make every day his shower fantasy with a few simple photos.  For one day only I am offering limited edition Steamy Shower petite sessions – quick and easy, no fuss sessions that will drive him crazy and encourage him to join you in your lather a bit more often.  I can not be held responsible for how seriously sexy you will feel, or how seriously wild he will go.

Space is VERY limited, so contact me today to secure your space.  970-261-3545

December 7 – $195 (plus tax)

shower promo*additional time or professional hair and makeup can be added on.

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