Maternity Boudoir – Miss M – Grand Junction Boudoir

Maternity Boudoir – Miss M – Grand Junction Boudoir

“This is a special time.  I’m beautiful, and my husband thinks I’m beautiful.  I just want to capture that so I can always remember how I feel and look right now.”  I couldn’t have said it any better.  When M started a conversation with me about a boudoir session during her pregnancy, she was a bit worried.  Being pregnant is hard!  You are big and heavy and awkward and stretched and bruised and weird.  The entire process is a challenge, but it is also so incredible.  Every pregnancy is unique, and every woman experiences it differently, but the common thread is that our bodies are amazing.  Our little pods grow an entire new human, a new life that just springs from a couple of microscopic cells.  We morph into a vessel that carries a miracle, and it is a gorgeous transformation.

M just radiated maternal beauty.  She is the epitome of a glowing mother-to-be, and photographing her was such a fun and empowering experience for both of us.  She needed no direction, no coaching, she just moved perfectly.  In touch with her body and her changes and her new curves, with a sweet and sensual feel about her.  The jersey was a bit of an inside joke – her husband is a huge Raiders fan and never thought she would be caught dead in one of his jerseys, so this was a big surprise to him!

M, thank you so much for coming in and trusting me with these images.  You are such a gorgeous woman, inside and out, and I am so excited to meet your little peanut.

Are you pregnant?  Consider maternity boudoir instead of traditional maternity photos – you are sexy, you might just need to be reminded.


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